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Full moon with eclipse

I saw the full moon rise.

IMG_7254-001 IMG_7263-001 IMG_7266-001

I grabbed my tent and two sleeping bags and headed for the pasture. The forecast was for 5 Celsius. I got so carried away taking photos of the moon I didn’t set up my tent until it was dark from the eclipse. A small tent, really easy.

I used a huge boulder to steady my camera. I didn’t feel the cold until I turned off my camera. I was thoroughly chilled.

IMG_7283 IMG_7309IMG_7324

I snoozed a little and stepped back out for more photos.


And before I knew it the eclipse was finished, and there was the moon, restored again to her full beauty.


It is such a small tent, I could open the zipper a little and get photos without leaving my double sleeping bag.


It got cloudy at night…


…but in the morning the sky was clear enough for a last parting look. Moonset.