Monthly Archives: February 2017

Winter night sky

I spent the weekend at a slightly remote cabin, with no nearby town lights. And no moon.

Although it was about -20C, I was unaware of the cold as I took off my gloves and lost myself in trying to capture the stars, so I could share the beauty of the stars.

It is only after I return indoors, this time to the transcendent and superlative warmth of a wood stove, that I realize my skin is icy cold despite snow pants, parka, ear muffs and warm hat. Transported, when I experience stars. Other worldly.

So here are Orion and Ursa Major or The Big Dipper.



A week and a half ago, we had above zero temperatures, and even rain. A lot of the deep snow in the pastures and woods got much lower, and compacted in the warm temperatures.


This week we are back to -18C some days, and some fresh snow fell.


Bracket fungus

Bracket fungi are also called polypores. They take the form of conks, the distinctive structures with pores or tubes on the underside. They play an important role in tree decay.

Polypores are more common in old trees, so some are becoming endangered as deforestation continues.dsc_1384dsc_1364dsc_1374dsc_1368