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Full moon

The moon when it rose above the trees had some cloud cover, but eventually a patch of clear sky gave a full view of the moon.


DSC_6232 (2)

And when I turned to the west the sun had just set.DSC_6243

Painted turtle

One must stay very still for a long time, waiting for turtles to emerge from the water that they leaped into with great speed at the first sign of approaching trouble.

There are dozens of turtles at this pond.

This turtle seemed to have some growth or prolapse problem near its hind leg.

DSC_4747 (2)DSC_4754DSC_4762DSC_4770

It took the turtle so long to climb onto the rock, I made sure I moved extremely slowly as I got up to leave. I was pleased to have left so quietly and slowly that it did not leap into the water, but only turned its head to watch me reproachfully as I carefully, slowly walked away.