Monthly Archives: January 2018

Short-tailed weasel

I went for a walk to the old log cabin in the woods. Before I could light a fire in the old wood stove I saw a small white creature look in at the open door and disappear suddenly.

I grabbed my camera and went outside. It came back, but it moved so quickly and fluidly it was hard to get a good picture.

What a beautiful animal.


DSC_2898DSC_2904DSC_2905DSC_2908DSC_2904 (2)

Icy Manitoba

Even if the temperature does not go above freezing, the sun may melt the snow on the roof of any shed or building, and the thawing freezing cycle of days and nights results in various icicles with random bubble patterns.


Bohemian Waxwing

I happened to look out my window and spotted a flock of a dozen or so skittery birds hopping around in our silver maple. I ran for the camera and got a few photos before the whole flock flew up and disappeared.

DSC_2721DSC_2722 (2)

The next day, they were in a crabapple tree near the house.

DSC_2746 (2)


This last photo may be a juvenile waxwing, as its colours are not as prominent.

Blue shadow lines

Sometimes when I walk in the woods I stop in a kind of ecstasy when I see the flowing network of diagonal contrasting shadows, an unreal blue on the extreme white of the snow. I forget about the minus 35 degree Celsius wind chill.