Monthly Archives: December 2017

Full moon

I put on all my winter wear, warm layers, warmest boots. The full moon was rising!

When I got to the field, it was cloudy in the east!

Then I saw the moon, rising above the clouds.

DSC_2525DSC_2527DSC_2536 (2)DSC_2537

When I left to go warm up inside, the moon was wearing a thin veil of clouds.

Extreme cold

This morning the temperature is -34 degrees Celsius, with a windchill of -44.

My nature focus today is the human animal. People who go out, whether voluntarily or because they have to, into this hostile environment.

There is beauty, but there is deadly danger.



A certain type of cloud, a certain type of ice crystal, and sunlight for reflection…altogether resulting in a parhelion, or if there are two as in these photos, parhelia.

We call them sundogs.

Today they were beautifully obvious. By the time I had walked to the farther pasture it was nearing sunset, and there was a definite orange tint. Amazing.


Winter solstice

Winter solstice morning. -23 I went out in my pyjamas to feel the world and see sign of the coming sun. My frost-pained pinky fingers were the first to tell me go inside. I listened.

I stood on my land and look east and south where the sun will rise, and remembered the summer solstice when I looked east and north to see the sun rise. I was curious and so I checked: sunrise at 127*(SE) today, and at 51* (NE) in June. (For Winnipeg location, slightly north of us) A difference of 75*, so over 1/5 of the horizon circle. Planet awareness.