Most Amazing Dragonfly

The Hawker Dragonfly.

I spent a long time with my camera pointed skywards, at the constant dragonfly traffic, not caring what people in the park were thinking.

I would hold the shutter button of my digital camera part way down to hold the focus at a set distance, then point the camera at the sky and hope something would fly in that focal range, and I could fully depress the shutter button without moving.


I couldn’t believe it when I felt a light, rough presence on the side of my left hand.IMG_3727-001 IMG_3734-001 IMG_3737-001

A camera cannot capture the many jewel tones of the dragonfly, or of the glittering reflections off its wings and body.IMG_3740-001 IMG_3753-001 IMG_3755-001The blue eyes indicate that my magical visitor is a male. The female would have brown eyes.

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