Amphicarpaea bracteata (American Hog Peanut)

I can’t believe how many local wildflowers or plants I have seen this year that I have never seen before in my life.

I was walking along a tiny rivulet in the woods beside our pasture. It’s been a wet summer, so there were jungle-like conditions. Mosquitoes were plentiful, although not as bad as two weeks ago.

I saw this vine, and thought at first it was a kind of vetch flower. But the leaves are not at all vetch-like.

Hog Peanut (unfortunate name once again; I’m tempted to rename it…fairy vine?) is a versatile plant with edible seeds at the base of the plant, peanut like– not the seeds from these flowers I took pictures of. Yes, two sets of flowers and seeds on one plant. Amazing.

A sacred plant to the Osage people.

IMG_5863 IMG_5864  IMG_5868IMG_5867

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