A few days ago after rain I took these photos of Jewelweed. One article I read about Jewelweed claimed it was named for the way water droplets shone like jewels on its leaves. I think it’s for the deep rich tones of the flower.

IMG_5522 IMG_5557 IMG_5564 IMG_5571

Then today I saw a huge drift of jewelweed at the edge of a tiny creek.

IMG_5881 IMG_5883

But what I saw next was magical! Tune in tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Jewelweed

  1. CME

    I think jewel weed is the anecdote to poison ivy. You are supposed to harvest the leaves (before flowering) and store them (e.g. freezer). You can crush the leaves to treat you poison ivy rash. I haven’t tried it yet…I never think of harvesting leaves ahead of time…

    1. herminaj

      I think you mean antidote! 😊 But yes, I have read some reports of jewel weed being an effective poison ivy treatment. When I get poison ivy I have my usual treatment that works and won’t risk changing it!


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