Full moon setting, sun rising

Early this morning the full moon was still shining, so I dressed for the cold and headed out. -18C, wind chill -24.

DSC_2177 (2)

I walked to the pasture.

DSC_2170DSC_2171DSC_2184DSC_2191DSC_2207 (2)DSC_2211

My fingers were painfully cold by the end of the half hour or more I spent with the moon. And one of the horses came to watch, and nip my parka.

IMG_0618 IMG_0624

When I turned to go back inside, the sun was just rising.


1 thought on “Full moon setting, sun rising

  1. elinorvancouver

    Wow. How amazing. The moon through the trees has got magical light capture. And I like the self-portrait with the horse! 🙂


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