Goatsbeard, Tragopogon dubius

I have heard this plant described as a noxious weed, and I have seen websites where it was accepted as almost a native plant, probably because it has so successfully naturalized. For years I have pulled out this plant, but now I find it growing in the woods around our farm, and I realize it is futile.

In June I came upon the flower and even though I still disliked it at that time, I couldn’t help but be struck by its beauty. So I had to photograph it.DSC_6577DSC_7083DSC_7084DSC_7085

This week I came upon its seed form, a shining ball of wind-ready seeds, looking like a giant dandelion seed head. In the strong sunlight, each wispy feather gleamed bronze. It was breathtaking, almost surreal in its shimmering beauty.

I will try not to dislike this plant, since it is here to stay. The seed ball in sunlight goes a long way toward making me actually like it.


1 thought on “Goatsbeard, Tragopogon dubius

  1. Anne

    interesting how there is beauty even in that which is considered noxious? All in the way you look at it..’in the eye of the beholder’. I agree, it is beautiful



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