Too much nature!

I had planned to sleep in my tent last night, and walked out there with my backpack. But on the path on the way to my tent, I met a little skunk. Probably a young adult.

It bravely stomped its feet, and even aggressively rushed me for a foot or two. I stepped back in surprise, but then I slowly approached, hoping it would head into the bushes.

It disappeared around a bend in the path, and I hesitantly continued, not knowing when I would see it suddenly around a corner, and not wanting to get close at all.

When I got to the clearing with the tent, there it was! After it left the clearing, I packed up the tent and beat a graceful retreat.

It’s going to rain tomorrow anyway, and now I don’t have to take down a wet tent.

So long, little skunk. I hope we don’t meet again.

DSC_8222DSC_8235 (2)DSC_8236 (2)DSC_8250DSC_8251

2 thoughts on “Too much nature!

  1. herminaj Post author

    It was not close enough to be afraid, but when I couldn’t see it, I was nervous, so it took a long time to make my way to the clearing, with much gentle stamping and noise making so I wouldn’t startle it.



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