Ice on the Pond

I walked to the pond, and found it frozen. It hasn’t been severely cold at all yet, so I was surprised to see the watering hole covered with ice, thick enough for something small to walk on it.


Oh my! What, or who, fell in?!dsc_9202dsc_9234-2

2 thoughts on “Ice on the Pond

  1. elinorvancouver

    Isn’t winter the most magical when it is arriving, like in November/December, not when it’s all melting away in March? Sort of like a house guest, really great to see them arriving but… šŸ™‚

  2. herminaj

    It certainly is magical. Wait until you see the leaf photos I took this morning. Look like sugar-frosted, but they’re actually frost-frosted. I’ll post them a few days from now.


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